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Famous Gamesters -- Biographies

Ely Culbertson -- If it weren't for him, we might not play bridge

John Scarne -- Self-made man, magician, gambling and card expert

Stewart Culin -- The first games ethnologist

R.F. Foster -- From gold prospecting to writing the best-known card games book

Joseph Wergin -- Perhaps we should play skat instead of bridge...

USPC -- The strange and interesting story of the United States Playing Card Company

Historic Games

Domino Euchre -- 19th century Euchre... as played with dominoes. Odd and fun.

Yukon -- Classic card game played during the 1898 Klondike gold rush

Zetema -- Peer into the minds of the Victorians through this card game from 1871

Marjolet -- Obscure single-deck form of Bezique played in southwestern France

Game Rules -- Links

Cards-- -- More card games rules than anywhere else

Cards-- Wikipedia -- Many games listed by size of deck

Cards-- CardGamePlanet -- Everything about card games

Cards-- Bicycle Cards Website -- Select games by number of players, type, and more

Dominoes-- -- More dominoes games rules than anywhere else

Dominoes-- Domino Plaza -- Rules for all major domino games

Dominoes-- -- Rules for nearly all domino games

Dice-- Wikipedia -- Complete list

Dice-- Dice Games Messiah -- Many dice game rules

Dice-- -- Two dozen dice games

Board Games -- BoardGameGeek -- Board games of all eras, and many other games

Board Games -- BoardGameCapital -- Rules for commercial board games

Bona Ludo Blog -- Rules for many traditional board games

IG Game Center-- Rules for 151 abstract strategy games! Plus online play.

Rules for Invented Games -- Links

Cards, Dominoes-- Pagat -- Hundreds of invented card and domino games

Cards-- Parlett -- Card games invented by David Parlett

Cards, Dominoes, Dice-- Pips -- Invented cards, dominoes, and dice games

FREE Computer Card Games

ThanosCardGames -- Download of many card games for running on your PC

PySolFC Solitaires -- Hundreds of free solitaire games for your PC

AisleRiot Solitaires -- More than 50 of the most popular patience games

Online Dominoes & Dice Games -- Play free online dozens of dominoes and dice games

Other Links

Dominoes-- -- Best website on Texas 42 domino game

Chess Variants -- Hundreds of chess variants

Chess Variants -- Many more chess variants

Checkers Variants -- Many checkers variants

Backgammon Variants -- Tons of backgammon variants

ZillionsOfGames -- Tons of PC games of all kinds, if you buy their gaming engine

New Venture Games @Youtube -- Channel explores many lesser-known games


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