Great Little-Known Dice Games

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Try these great little-known dice games...

Playing Dice
Dice Players by the Le Nain brothers (French, 1600s)
Favorites in italics:

6-6-6 &
Liar Dice
 2 - 6Easy A classic among dice "bluffing games." Goofy fun for parties and dorms.
Cubilete  3 - 6Easy Dice game popular throughout Latin America. The national game of Cuba.
Catego  2 - 4Easy Good family game where you compete to score in categories.
Criss-Cross  2 - 10Medium Great party game for up 10 players. Also works as a solitaire.
The Game of Six  2 - 5Easy Fun family game from Germany that includes kids ages 5 on up.
Multego  2 - 4Medium More advanced version of the Game of Six.
Farkle  3 - 5Medium Exciting dice game that's proven enjoyable since the Middle Ages. We recommend the improved Farkle Cribbage instead.

Game Descriptions

By Howard Fosdick ©

We've played dice games for years and run across several that aren't nearly as well-known as they are fun. The games I've selected aren't based solely on luck. All require astute decision-making to win.

6-6-6 and Liar Dice

In several dice games, you roll and declare to your competitors what you've rolled. Or what you wish to tell them you rolled. Then your opponents either have accept what you've claimed or call your bluff.

Games of this type include Liar Dice, Liar's Dice, Dudo, and Perudo. We've included the lesser-known 6-6-6 here ... a game that is easy to learn and certainly worthy of play. The game enjoyed popularity among college students years ago, and if you try it, you'll see why it leads to goofy fun among friends. Best for 3 to 6 participants.

We also explain Liar Dice, probably the best known of the genre of "bluffing games".


Along with Domino Cubano, Cubilete is the other great national game of Cuba. In fact, in some form this widely popular game is played throughout Latin America, by young and old and by all classes of society.

You'll see why as soon as you try it. The rules are simple, and the action, fast. But there's more here than meets the eye. This is truly one of those dice games that has universal appeal. It doesn't rely on gambling or drinking to make fast fun for all who play.


Here's a little-known but fun dice game for two to four players, invented in 1990. Players compete to score in categories using two dice. Only one player scores in each category. Makes a nice partnership game for four, too.


Looking for a party game for a large group? Criss-cross might be the answer. It's enjoyable for up to ten. And surprisingly, you can also enjoy it as a solitaire.

The Game of Six and Multego

Here's an enjoyable family game from Germany that includes children from age 5 on up. It's a quick game that employs a single die. Multego is a more challenging two dice variant.


Also known as 5000, 10000, or Zilch, this dice game dates back to the Middle Ages. You toss 6 dice as long as you dare... the longer you throw, the more points you score... but also you increase your chances of scoring 0 for the hand.

We've improved this ancient game with new streamlined rules and a cribbage board for easier scoring. We highly recommend this better alternative -- Farkle Crib.

Dice Players by Fritz Wagner
Dice Players by Fritz Wagner (German, 1896-1939)
Roman Dice Players
Roman Dice Players, Pompeii, Osteria della Via di Mercurio