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Games I Invented

Great Little-Known Games

Famous Gamesters

Ely Culbertson -- If It Weren't For Him, We Wouldn't be Playing Contract Bridge
John Scarne -- Self-Made Man, Magician, Gambling and Card Expert
Stewart Culin -- The First Games Ethnologist
R.F. Foster -- From Gold Prospecting to the Best-Known Card Games Book
Joseph Wergin -- Perhaps We Should Play Skat Instead of Bridge...
USPC -- The Strange and Interesting Story of the United States Playing Card Company

Historic Games

Domino Euchre -- 19th century Euchre... as played with dominoes. Odd and fun.
Yukon -- Classic card game played during the 1898 Klondike gold rush
Zetema -- Peer into the minds of the Victorians through this card game from 1871
Marjolet -- Obscure single-deck form of Bezique played in southwestern France

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